Timeline of Events

For even a bard must sometimes take note,
It is impossible to recall all by rote.

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Current Date (As of 3/21/14 RealWorld)
Erastus 9th 4714



  • 1st – Rostlandic Expedition Charter of 4714 signed.
  • 5th – Oleg’s Trading Post successfully defended.
  • 7th – Raid upon the bandits of the Thorn Ford
  • 8th – Arrival of Kesten Garess, Jhod Kavken.
  • 14th – Contact made with Happston
  • 16th – Contact made with Greenkeep
  • 19th – Temple of Erastil cleansed and secured.
  • 24th – Lissi perishes.
  • 30th – Contact made with Unknown Camp. Elaine and Kell rescued. Access to Greenkeep granted.


  • 5th – Raid upon Happston ends in failure. Alue perishes. Theodric sells his humanity to save his friends.
  • 7th – Edmund leaves the Greenbelt, weary of failure and chaos. Arrival of Morgrym Spiritforged and Bartosz Orlovsky.
  • 8th – Tomb of Armag raided. Alue and Lissi revived. Theodric abandons the party, his humanity and sanity lost.
  • 9th – Theodric, mad with power, razes Happston and slaughters its people.

Timeline of Events

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