The Song Thus Far

At last, a rest, as another verse lay compete.
Alas, however, the song just begins, methinks…

Timeline of Events

Act 1 – The Acreage, the Alcoholics, and the Allies:

In which our Heroes breach the veil of the wilds…

With the Rostlandic Expedition Charter of 4714 AR signed and in hand, four brave (and perhaps foolhardy) adventurers set forth into the region of the Stolen Lands known as The Greenbelt. With their point of contact set at a small trading post on the extreme southern edge of the Rostlands, the quadruple met with its largely inebriated proprietor, Oleg.

It became quickly apparent that The Greenbelt was a land of chaos and war – with bandits waging war not just on the common man, but upon each other. Braving the dangers of the wilderness, they set out to quell the chaos and fill out the blank regions of a depressingly vast map…

And, in turn, lost three of their number. Rapt with the same wild instincts as the others in the Greenbelt, the Heroes turned upon one another. In conflict and disarray, they faced hardship after hardship – only just managing to survive the ordeals. But there was little camaraderie to be had, good listener. They bore with one another, but no more. As Edmund turned his eyes to the countryside in the wake of defeat, so too did Theodric turn his to the blasted lands of Hell itself. Aluemita lay cold, her body warm in the summer’s heat, flies upon her unmoving flesh.

With the Greenbelt in disarray, the group rallied itself around a newcomer, Morgyrm, and reforged a team spirit unlike any they had previously. Things began to look up as Oleg’s grew more populated, Aluemita was restored to life, and the map began to fill itself out quite nicely.

Act 2 – Of Bandits and Brevics

In which our Heroes learn the difference between law and chaos

But all that comes up comes down, friends. And our Heroes are no different.

As they celebrated the victories of their first month in the Greenbelt, vile agents of the evil Staglord came upon them, crackling fire in hand. The lighted arrows took flight, bringing destruction to the small camp forming outside Oleg’s establishment. As the walls charred and burned, the Heroes rushed to its defense, winning a hard battle.

But all was not glory. For in the end, it was Barstoz Orlovsky who posed another, unknown enemy. In their fervent defense of Oleg and his family, the Heroes managed to alienate a powerful ally, and create an equally powerful antagonist. As Barstoz returned to his homeland, the Heroes set their sights upon the central Greenbelt, where the Staglord ruled his petty kingdom…

The Song Thus Far

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