Oleg's Trading Post


A drunken man, a beleaguered visage
protected from civilization by way of mileage!

Oleg’s Trading Post is a small establishment recently reopened in an abandoned border fort on the southern edge of Brevoy. Though technically a part of the Rostlands, and thusly a part of Brevoy proper, Oleg’s lies far enough to the south and far enough off the main road that it has become largely forgotten.

This, however, is no problem for Oleg – who had wanted to get away from Brevic politics, anyway. Though still quite small, the arrival of those with Restov’s charter in hand have attracted enough attention to fill Oleg’s relatively small walls to the brim. It is only a matter of time before the fort is expanded into something larger, barring any further banditry.

Oleg's Trading Post

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