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Personalities of the Stolen Lands:

Every act has its stars,
its failings, its scars.
The singers, the dancers,
the extras, the masters.
For who is the hero, what good is a legend?
Not much, perhaps, when all others are shunned!

Former Adventuring Companions

  • Theodric Vanderhelm, Sold his soul for friendship, lost his remaining humanity in the process. Currently Missing.
  • Edmund, Weary of warring companions. Departed for greener pastures in another land.

Oleg’s Trading Post

  • Oleg Leveton, Titular Owner and Alcoholic of Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Svetlana Leveton, Oleg’s Wife and the real brains behind the business
  • Wyla Jillory, One-time bandit twin, now indentured servant and guardswoman
  • Gregor ‘Ralph’ Jillory, One-time bandit twin, now also indentured servant and guardsman

Brevic Expedition

  • Kesten Garess, noble of House Garess. Sent as a guardsman for Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Gregor Holst
  • Boris Bram
  • Henrich Engels

House Orlovsky of Brevoy

  • Bartosz Orlovsky, noble of House Orlovsky. Sent to establish a presence for his house
  • Bianka Gorza
  • Lubomir Natcheka

Unaligned; Unknown Faction

  • Jane Cimmarton, Wanderer
  • Flynn Vario, Wanderer
  • Kell la Kel, Kellid barbarian of great might, in possession of a legendary blade
  • Elaine, Practitioner of the Aldori dueling blades form
  • Bokken, Mad Hermetical Alchemist
  • Pipernortin, Gnome “Cleric” of Desna
  • Alsari, Blink Dog

Servants of Erastil

  • Jhod Kavken, Priest of Erastil
  • Eomer, Steward of the Temple


  • Hork, Gatekeeper of Greenkeep
  • Irrena, Self-proclaimed god-caller
  • Virlar, Unofficial druidic leader of Greenkeep

Bandits, Outlaws, and other Hooligans

  • Happs Bydon, Deceased leader of a small encampment
  • Lillan’thiarn, Deceased wizard of Happston
  • Tim Conley, Sole surviving man from Happston
  • The Stag Lord, Bandit Lord of great renown and unknown strength
  • Folgrun Sneeg, Traitor to the Crown of the Dragonscale Throne, now in employ of criminals

NPC Listing

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