As they say, the wilds are rough
And thusly sometimes lives are snuffed

Happston was named for its founder and leader, Happs Bydon. A small encampment of roughly thirty people, only half of which were fighters. Isolationist and somewhat crude, Happston survived by preying upon travelers and the animals of the forest.

Equally likely to trade with you as they were to kill you, Happston’s chaotic tendencies put them at odds with the Greenbelt explorers. After a failed attack on the camp, they escaped with their lives and little else.

Although they had managed to survive for about six months, the fall of Happston came at the hands of one man – Theodric Vanderhelm. In his hell-fueled vengeance, Theodric burnt the camp to ashes, its residents included.


  • Happs Bydon (deceased)
  • Lilanthiarn (deceased)
  • Tim Conley

Map of Happston, Before the Disaster.


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