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    h1. Loot Listing h2. *External Link* "Link":https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qaMCJwPfRQ_Zg326-HdHzBcLxsdhnvkG19SSjCXbWqw/edit h2. *Claimed Loot* [[Claimed Loot | List]] h2. *Important Items:* h4. *Keys, Maps, Macguffins, and Other …

  • Claimed Loot

    [[Loot Listing | Back]] h3. Alue * The Book of Armag, Tome detailing the Legend This holy text contains the history and traditions of the feared Tiger Lord Barbarian King, Armag, who had 'cheated' death. Details his deeds, death, and quasi-undead. …

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