Morgrym Spiritforge

Knight of Restov


Morgrym Spiritforge is a knight of Restov who serves under his lord, Janos Glanderheim, a retired aldori swordlord known for his compassion and superior skills in combat. Unlike other knights who clamor for glory, a maiden’s hand, or riches for their masters, Morgrym fights to restore his honor and to offer his enemies the fairness he was given.

Mogrym didn’t get involved into the adventure until his lord, Janos had given him the privilege of representing the Aldori Swordlords and Restov to those who carried the Green Belt charter. As a token of good will, and a necessary ally, those who cared about Brevoy’s future braved the wilds and joined the Rostlandic Expeditionary Force ( REF ) and convened with the charter bearer’s at Oleg’s Trading Post, which lay right on the Stolen Land’s frontier.


Morgrym Spiritforge

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