The Song of the River Kingdoms

Smoke and Ashes

The story thus far,

I, Morgrym Spiritforge, a knight of Restov, had been sent as part of my master’s good will to aid those who carried the charter to explore the Green belt – an expanse of unclaimed land, a veritable landscape filled with anarchy, danger, and the unknown.

To be truthful, I did not know what I got myself into.

I’ve been here within the Green Belt for nearly a week now, and it’s been a rather…an interesting ordeal. Apart from tomb raiding a TigerLord Barbarian cairn to bring a fallen comrade back to life, I’ve been slowly adjusting to the reality that I’m part of a rag tag band of adventurer’s tasked with exploring the Green Belt – and with children no less!

The wild’s…are much different than I imagined. Among beasts far stranger than I could imagine, there are other pockets of civilization – bandit factions ( who would’ve thought about that! ), a frog-like humanoid claiming to be a king, a group of xenophobic isolationists, and a hermetic alchemist who makes ungodly concoctions. But at the center of it all lies a trading post that is the closest thing to home – Oleg’s.

Apart from trying to mend a fractured group, the party and I felt it was best to continue with our main objective and to chart the wilderness being that Bartosz Orlovsky has taken an interest in our endeavors and has established a camp.

This is where things became weirder.

In our sojourn to cover the eastern borders as per our charter, we came across a hound like creature born from myth. It seemed to meld within the mist and appear, as if it’s position changed whenever my eyes closed. Thinking that this was a hostile, I braved myself for what seemed like a fateful encounter! According to Alue, the creature was a Blink-Dog, and it had a planar mission of ridding the Greenbelt of its hated enemy – phasespiders – an invasive arachnid race that held similar qualities. Pitted against something that seemed beyond our comprehension, we hastily signed on having no idea what we faced.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told this, but according to the Blink-Dog, we were victorious, despite facing grievous wounds. The wilds are dangerous, and it helps having allies like the Levetons. A prompt return to the Trading Post and business was normal until a sound like thunder cracked the sky – we were under attack.

Even with the impressive fort that Oleg and his family maintained, the dangers of the wilds where right at the front gate. Arrows marked with fire fell from the sky, slowly lighting the proud timbers that protected our borders, and somewhere in the distance lay a sizable army of bandits unlike anything I’ve seen.

We did what we could to keep causalities to a minimum. While fire spread throughout the camp, my allies proved their worth by taking initiative and fought with all their might. Mounting upon Elosung, I took towards the field hoping to parlay with our attackers, but my words fell upon deaf ears.

The battle ensued, pulling me further from my allies, as we took on the might of the bandits. Though in the end, the destruction…was…devasting. Much of Oleg’s Trading Post had been compromised: the south eastern tower lay as a gaping, burnt hole, and not much further down was another breach, one big enough for a caravan to enter.

As we counted the casualties and the captives, an argument transpired between Bartosz Orlovsky and my new companion Aluemita, who more or less crossed paths with the noble. I know not what this situation may reap, but we face greater problems than politics – a blood thirsty warlord who knows about my group, and our base, and apparent lord of this realm – The Stag Lord.

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