The Song of the River Kingdoms : Kingmaker

Brevoy is a nation divided. Its southern lands balk under the rule of kings they never wanted, and while its northern territories compete for greater esteem. Its noble houses feud over honor and power. Civil war lies on the horizon, though no one dare utter those words aloud.

In preparation for the upcoming conflict – and hoping not to repeat the defeats of the past – Restov, capital of the Rostland, sent scouts southward. These lands are technically a part of the River Kingdoms, but have changed hands countless times: at one time belonging to numerous local lords and petty kings, Numeria, Brevoy, and even Restov itself. But time wears away all things – and, in time, these lands came to be leaderless. Stolen from everyone and belonging to no one, the Stolen Lands were born.

In the midst of summer, with tensions rising and tempers flaring, the Swordlords of Restov – firebrands that they are – put forth a charter. Dividing this unclaimed land into four portions, the charters were presented to adventuring companies, mercenaries, wanderers, and dreamers. They would go into these Stolen Lands, and tame the untamed wilderness.

What song will your lands sing?

The Song of the River Kingdoms

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