Loot Listing

Loot Listing

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Claimed Loot


Important Items:

Keys, Maps, Macguffins, and Other Such Baubles:

  • Treasure Map, Marked with a Strange, Claw-like tree and an ‘X’
  • Unusual Signet Ring, a Frog intertwined and battling with an Eel. Inset with an Emerald between the two mouths. Enchanted with swimming magic. Owned by Alue.

Unclaimed Magical Weapons, Armors, Tools, and Similar Such Trinkets:

  • +1 Scale Mail
  • Aegis of Recovery

Ownerless Weapons of Mundane Power

  • Mwk Cold Iron Longsword
  • Mwk Cold Iron Longspear
  • Mwk Elysian Bronze Glaive

Unclaimed Consumables, Usables, Dropables, Quaffables, or Related Devices:


1 x Vial of Greenblood Poison

Magical Potions:

Arcane Scrolls:

Divine Scrolls:
1 x Scroll of Consecrate CL3
1 x Scroll of Delay Poison CL3
1 x Scroll of Remove Paralysis CL3

Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL3) ( 7x uses remaining )

1x +1 Elfbane Arrow

All lesser loot, including liquid gold and cash-credit gemstones and jewelry are located on the full loot listing. Unless otherwise noted, gold is piled in a group stash until given out to an individual or individuals. Claimed loot, individual gold, and personally purchased or acquired items will not be tracked on this list. Please keep track of your own things.

Last Updated : 4/3/14 Koreatime

Loot Listing

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